We Buy Kennedy Memorabilia


Why Sell Your John F. Kennedy, Robert Kennedy and Ted Kennedy Memorabilia to Us?

We have been collecting and selling Kennedy family political & presidential memorabilia for over 40 years. We are a family owned business and we are fortunate to have a passion for collecting as well as a very successful busines for so many years. That's a lot of happy customers. But the most important part is that so we are pleased to now call so many friends.

What type of items do we buy?

Just about everything related to John F. Kennedy and the Kennedy family.  This includes, programs, paper items, souvenirs, tickets, campaign brochures, buttons, posters, hats, convention souvenirs, photos, medals and much much more. We also buy items from Presidents Washington to Obama and everything in between. We also buy entire collections or individual items

How does the process work?

Typically, people either email or fax us photos of the item(s) or simply mail it to us. Be sure to use a shipping method that gives you a tracking number or insure the package if you mail it. We then send you an offer. If there are items that are not something we are looking for we will always give you an honest opinion of value  (free of charge) and let you know what we think its worth and give you a list of people that we think might be interested.


We pay you within 24 hours after we have an agreement on price. We can either pay you immediately via paypal or send you a check, whichever you prefer.

Do we always offer you the best price?

We always offer you a fair price and our customers report that our offers are usually the best ones. But beware of anyone who claims they always offer the best price. How would they know? When you're selling your special items and family heirlooms you want to be sure you are dealing with someone you can trust. We are also proud members of the American Political Items Collectors organization (APIC). 


How to get started

You can either:

  1. Email us photos of the items at appraisals@loriferber.com, or
  2. Mail or ship us the items packed securely and insured to Lori Ferber Collectibles,8151 East Evans Road, Suite 8, Scottsdale Arizona 
    If by chance you decide not to accept our offer we sill ship the items back immediately and we will pay the return postage.
  3. Or fax: 602-296-0240 photos of the items (but faxes often are very hard to read.)

Then just let us know if you would like to be paid by paypal or by check!

Got a question? No problem. When selling a collection or when you just want to know what an items is worth, it can be a confusing process - just ask - we're happy to help!


Lori & Steve


Read what others say about our buying process:

 " I was a bit nervous about shipping it off before receiving payment. However, you guys were very nice, and everything went smoothly. I would do it again if I had anything to sell." 

                                    Brian A. Virginia

"The first time I talked with Lori, I felt very comfortable working with her and Steve and a smaller firm where you know the owners. Thank you, and I must say it is really nice doing "business" with you and Lori...you seem to be so fair and honest; just good people.  Thanks, again..."

                                    Gary E.