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  1. Welcome President John F Kennedy sign

    Large light plastic clear sign "welcome president John F Kennedy" with portrait drawing of John F Kennedy with five stars above his head. Original. The poster is actually clear see-thru, we placed a white sheet behind it when taking the photo so you could see the design clearly.
  2. Robert Kennedy Campaign Poster

    Original cardboard poster sign from the 1980 presidential campaign of Ted Kennedy. "Paid for and Authorized by the Committee to Elect "Kennedy for President". Bold, attractive poster.
  3. Ted kennedy for President sign

    1980 Bold blue and white large cardboard sign / poster from Ted Kennedy's ill fated campaign for the Democratic nomination for President. Would look great framed. Original, of course and seldom seen.
  4. 1960 Democratic Convention Kennedy Ticket

    This is an original full and complete ticket to the 1960 Democratic National Convention that nominated John F. Kennedy for President of the United States. The convention was held in Los Angeles California. This is a special ticket to the Acceptance Speech Rally held on July 15, 1960. The ticket is for the scarce Golden Horseshoe section which was reserved for big ticket contributors and VIP guests.
  5. John F Kennedy Red Cross Scarce Poster

    Original Red Cross poster. Black and white photo of group of teens meeting with President John F. Kennedy. Bold and attractive and would look great framed. "Teen Red Cross Leaders of 42 nations visit President Kennedy" in red lettering is superimposed on the bottom of the photo with Red Cross logo. Not often seen. JFK met with International youth delegates at the White House as part of the American Red Cross program, Operation VISTA (Visit of International Students to America). The program brought 112 youth delegates from 42 countries to the United States in order to acquaint the youth of other countries with the humanitarian ideals and values of Red Cross service, and to establish new avenues of communication for humanitarian purposes among youth.
  6. Bobby Kennedy Poster

    This is an original campaign poster from the 1968 campaign of Bobby Kennedy for the Democratic nomination for President. 23"x 35" in size. Interesting, creative and 60's style psychedelic appearance. Looks great framed! One of the most interesting Robert Kennedy posters we've seen.
  7. John F Kennedy Support Your Uso Peace Poster

    Scarce advertising card measuring 28" wide x 11" high that was produced as a "Public Service of Transit Advertising". Believed to be a sign that was produced by display on a bus system. Features large photo of President Kennedy and the headline "Winning the peace is a lonely battle". This was a campaign produced in 1961 by the Outdoor Advertising Association and the Advertising Council to "support the USO through your United Fund or Community Chest". The only other example of this campaign that we have seen were newspaper advertisement and photos of the poster sign used as a billboard. Would look great framed. Original.
  8. Robert Kennedy Framed Campaign Poster

    Robert F. Kennedy 1968 Presidential Campaign Poster. "Kennedy" in red and blue above a black and white photograph, "Kennedy for President , Robert Kennedy campaign items are difficult to find since his campaign was cut short by his assassination. Original and official. Professionally framed using archival quality glass.
  9. Kennedy Johnson Poster

    Original campaign window poster from the 1960 presidential campaign of John Fitzgerald Kennedy and Lyndon Baines Johnson. Classic red,white and blue colors. "Kennedy Johnson at the top, an iconic photo of JFK and one of Johnson in the center, with the iconic campaign slogan "Leadership for the 60's" beneath the photos and "Vote x Democratic" at the bottom. The credit line at the bottom reads: "Citizens for Kennedy Johnson, 261 Constitution Avenue, N.W. Washington, D.C. Professionally framed and ready for display or hanging. Comes with our 100% guarantee of authenticity
  10. Rare Happy Birthday Mr President - Madison Square Garden Ticket

    Scarce original ticket to the 1962 President Kennedy's Birthday Party held at Madison Square Garden. Known widely as the Happy Birthday Mr President event that where Marilyn Monroe gave a sultry rendition of the popular song to JFK. This is a special and scarce ticket to the "Presidential Enclosure Orchestra" where tickets were $1,000 each. A key iconic item missing from most John F Kennedy or Marilyn Monroe collections. The event was held May 19, 1962. As mentioned above, this ticket was issued to the special "Presidential Enclosure" where VIP and high value contributors were sitting, so while it is not in pristine condition it is one of the choice tickets to the event. Most tickets to the event have the stub detached from the right side upon entry to the event After all, how many people would spend up to $1,000 and not attend! This ticket has a small portion of the stub still attached at the top right. We thought about removing the partial stub before listing this ticket for sale, but felt we would leave that decision up to its new owner. The ticket has a background stain at the top left as well as a small edge tear about mid way up the left edge and a corner wear. The ticket appears to have been mounted at one time, perhaps in a scrapbook as their are paper remnants on the reverse. The name of the ticket recipient "Sheila Beilen" is written lightly on the front upper left margin and again on the reverse. Comes with our 100% guarantee of authenticity.
  11. Frank Sinatra High Hopes JFK

    Frank Sinatra and Jack Kennedy promotional record from the 1960 presidential campaign. A very limited number of these campaign records were produced for juke box distribution on the East Coast around Washington DC and Virginia. Actually sung by Frank Sinatra and a very elusive record prized by both Sinatra and Kennedy collectors. . Side one"High Hopes with Jack Kennedy. Side Two "Jack Kennedy "All The Way". This single was a promotional item for JFK's 1960 presidential campaign, with an anonymous contribution from his good buddy, Frank. The song, "High Hopes," is the same song made famous a year earlier in Frank's film A Hole in the Head. This version features a fast charging big band and mixed chorus, and new campaign lyrics: The record is surrounded by two photos. One with Kennedy and Sinatra and one with Sinatra and a Kennedy for President poster behind him as a serenades a campaign crowd. This framed item is part of the FramedPresidents (TM) collection. All items in the collection have been professionally matted and framed using archival quality glass and acid free matting. and complimented by a bronze commemorative descriptive plaque. More Views .
  12. John F Kennedy White House Christmas Card Rare

    A 1962 White House Christmas card in excellent condition.The original photo was taken on Feb. 13 1962 by White House photographer Cecil Stoughton. Jackie Kennedy designed the card, and brought the horse "Macaroni" from Virginia to pull the sleigh. The children are on the sled outside the White House.Stacey Fox, head of the social office had Hallmark print the cards as Jackie designed them. Inside it says "Christmas Greetings and Best Wishes for a Happy Healthy New Year and the printed signatures of President Kennedy and First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy. At the top there is a gold embossed presidential seal. Original and rare. Only 1,000 of this card design were originally printed. This rare card is part of a collection we recently purchased that was originally owned by an Under Secretary in President Kennedy's administration.
  13. Kennedy Framed Signature

    Professionally framed and matted display featuring President John F. Kennedy's authentic signature on a dinner ticket from JFK's campaign visit to Alaska in September 1960. Kennedy boldly signs the front of the ticket. The display comes with a certificate of authenticity by a well known forensic handwriting examiner providing proof of its authenticity. The beautiful display also includes a silver commemorative plaque as well as a dramatic original photo of the President addressing a campaign crowd. Also comes with our 100% guarantee of authenticity. This item is part of the FramedPresidents(TM) collection of historic original and authentic presidential items.

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13 Item(s)