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President Kennedy’s name lives on in hundreds of schools, streets, parks, and centers that memorialize him across the globe. The John F. Kennedy Library and Museum needs your help filling in this map to illustrate President Kennedy’s influence around world. Collectors are encouraged to add new locations or upload a photograph of yourself at an existing location for posting on the museum website. To help with this worthwhile project visit the web page.

where in the world is JFK?






Remember the life of an American Icon, John F. Kennedy. "A Special JFK Night" airs Memorial Day, starting at 7 P.M EST. on CNN. For further information visit
John F Kennedy at 100 Years on CNN



Singer Songwriter James Taylor at Kennedy Library

Watch James speak on the legacy of President John F. Kennedy at the JFK Centennial Celebration held on May 7, 2017 at the JFK Library & Museum in Boston, Massachusetts

James Taylor at Kennedy Library & Museum



 New John F Kennedy Stamp Announced

On February 20, the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) will commemorate the 100th anniversary of the birth of President John F. Kennedy's by dedicating a Forever stamp in his honor at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum, in Boston, Massachusetts.


The stamp features a 1960 photograph by Ted Spiegel of Kennedy campaigning for president in Seattle, according to the U.S. Postal Service. The sheet of stamps will feature a picture of Kennedy in a reflective pose, a copy of a 1970 oil painting by Aaron Shikler.


Kennedy's grandson, Jack Schlossberg, said in a statement, "As we mark the centennial of his birth, we hope that the stamp will be an enduring symbol of President Kennedy's call for service, innovation, and inclusion, and his belief that we each have the power to make this world a better place."

John F Kennedy Stamp Announced



Nominate a courageous leader

Next year will mark the Centennial of my father's birth, and although his time is becoming part of history, his words, his example, and his spirit remain as vital as ever.

One way that we connect past and present is through the John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Award. By honoring individuals who act on principle without regard for the personal consequences, we honor the quality that my father most admired in public life - courage.

Each year in May, when the John F. Kennedy Library Foundation gives this award in his name, it reaffirms my faith in democracy, and in the people who serve at all levels of government on both sides of the aisle. And each year, we rely on your help to find inspiring examples of modern-day elected officials in federal, state or local office who have chosen to govern for the greater good, even when it meant taking an unpopular stand or offending powerful groups.

Since 1989, the Kennedy Library Foundation has given the Profile in Courage Award to almost 50 public servants, including Congressman and civil rights leader John Lewis; former Labor Secretary Hilda Solis for her work as a California State Senator championing environmental justice for disenfranchised minorities; and Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy for courageously defending the U.S. resettlement of Syrian refugees. Those who are honored with the award come from all walks of life, but they share a common quality: they took a stand for the public interest, instead of doing what was politically convenient.

 Do you know an elected official who should be recognized for an act of courage? Submit their name for consideration for the 2017 Profile in Courage Award.



Young Jack - New Exhibit at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Museum & Library


As a high school student, Jack Kennedy was an underachiever with a rebel streak. But he grew up to be one of the most compelling figures of the twentieth century. More than fifty years after his Presidency ended in tragedy, John F. Kennedy's vision, intellectual intensity, and personal magnetism continue to fire the public imagination.

Visitors to the new exhibit will catch glimpses of "Young Jack" as a boy, a student, a decorated war hero, a young man seeking his life's path. Drawn from the collections of the Kennedy Library, the exhibition presents touchstones of JFK's early life.

Highlights from the new exhibition include:

John F. Kennedy's Navy "dog tag" from World War II, which he wore with a St. Christopher's Medal and an 1854 gold dollar coin given to him for good luck.  

MO 63.4852

The Coconut inscribed by JFK with the message that led to his rescue after his patrol torpedo boat, PT 109, was rammed by a Japanese destroyer during World War II.

This past spring, two of the Kennedy Library's most treasured artifacts - JFK's World War II Navy dog tag and the coconut inscribed with the rescue message - were on loan to the National Archives of Japan in Tokyo, where they were featured in a major exhibition about the life and legacy of President Kennedy.

The opening of Young Jack celebrates their return to the Kennedy Library, where they are now prominently displayed.



Camelot's Remaing Allure in Middleburg

Kennedy Home

 Alexandria, VA - Virginia's prestigious "hunt country" was so appealing to President and Mrs. John f Kennedy that they leased a 400-acre horse farm near Middleburg to employ as a private weekend getaway, and now a local auction company is offering a taste of the Kennedy's country glamour with the sale fo the original furniture adn art from historic Glen Ora on November 5. 

Among the lots of antique furntiure, paintings and other items from Glen Ora evoking the "hunt country" aura that attracted the John F. Kennedys, is an antique bed that has stayed in the bedroom in which President Kennedy slept, two Louis XV parquetry commodes from the room Mrs. Kennedy used as her bedroom, paintings and other fine 18thand 19th century English and continental furniture from throughout the house. 

The November 5 auction will also include property from the red brick Georgetown home the Kennedy's lived in just prior to their move into the White House. The auction will be run by The Potomack Company of Old Town Alexandra. For additional information visit or call 703-684-4550



Bobby Kennedy: The Making of a Liberal Icon


 Wednesday, October 5, 6:00 p.m. - 7:30 p.m. , John F Kennedy Presidential Library & Museum, Boston, Massachusetts

 Award-winning journalist Larry Tye discusses his new book, Bobby Kennedy: The Making of a Liberal Icon. Pulitzer Prize-winning former Boston Globe columnist Eileen McNamara moderates. 

All forums are free and open to the public. Reservations for forums are strongly recommended. They guarantee a seat in the building but not the main hall. Seating is on a first-come, first-served basis. Doors to the main hall open approximately one hour before the program begins.

To make a reservation call (617) 514-1643



Welcome to our new John F Kennedy collectibles blog. 

For the past ten years we have operated as a source of John F Kennedy collectibles and artifacts. To be honest, ten years ago our website was pretty good for those "ancient times". But times have changed it was time for us to invest in a new expanded and improved 

Our goal is to bring you not only interesting and affordable John F Kennedy and Kennedy family collectibles, but also information about the Kennedy collectibles market in general. We will constantly update the site with additional information on a regular basis.

We hope you enjoy our website, and if you think its great now wait until you see all the features we will be adding in the future. 


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  1. John F. Kennedy Inaugural Program

    John F. Kennedy Inauguration Program. 68 interesting pages of information and photos on President John F. Kennedy, Vice President Lyndon Johnson, the First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy and much more. Interesting presidential memorablia gift item. Guaranteed original program, not a reprint.
  2. Bobby Kennedy Poster

    This is an original campaign poster from the 1968 campaign of Bobby Kennedy for the Democratic nomination for President. Interesting, creative and 60's style psychedelic appearance. Looks great framed! One of the most interesting Robert Kennedy posters we've seen.

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