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Original and authentic President John f Kennedy collectibles artifacts and memorabilia. Celebrating the history of President John F Kennedy through our remarkable collection of campaign and inauguration items

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  1. John F  Kennedy PT 109 souvenir tie bar

    Original PT 109 KENNEDY tie bar in very good condition. Produced by, and inscribed on the reverse by the original manufacturer "Jolle". PT-109 was a patrol boat commanded by Lieutenant, junior grade John F. Kennedy in the Pacific Theater during World War II. Kennedy's actions to save his surviving crew after the sinking of PT-109 made him a war hero, which proved helpful in his political career and helped him get elected President of the United States. A great gift idea for the JFK collector.
  2. John-F-kennedy-housing-bill

    Original Associated Press (AP) Wirephoto. June 30, 1961"President Kennedy today signs a multi-billion-dollar housing bill in his White House Office". Great photo of JFK at the resolute desk in the Oval Office signing this historic bill. From the archives of one of the nation's leading daily newspapers.
  3. John F Kennedy visits Columbian President Camargo

    Original Associated Press (AP) Wirephoto. December 17, 1961"Kennedy Reviews Honor Guard - President Kennedy towers over Columbian President Alberto Lleras Camargo as they review honor guard on Kennedy's arrival at Eldorado airpot in Bogata today" From the archives of one of the nation's leading daily newspapers. With Associated Press stamp on reverse.
  4. High Hopes Kennedy Souvenir

    Frank Sinatra and Jack Kennedy promotional record from the 1960 presidential campaign. A very limited number of these campaign records were produced for juke box distribution on the East Coast around Washington DC and Virginia. Actually sung by Frank Sinatra and a very elusive record prized by both Sinatra and Kennedy collectors. . Side one"High Hopes with Jack Kennedy. Side Two "Jack Kennedy "All The Way". This single was a promotional item for JFK's 1960 presidential campaign, with an anonymous contribution from his good buddy, Frank. The song, "High Hopes," is the same song made famous a year earlier in Frank's film A Hole in the Head. This version features a fast charging big band and mixed chorus, and new campaign lyrics:
  5. John F Kennedy Ephemera Button Pin Collection

    A walk through President John F Kennedy's legacy. Nice collection of twenty nine (29) different items from the presidential campaign, presidential years and memorial items after the assassination of John F Kennedy. Includes, an official Inauguration invitation and program, a newspaper announcing the assassination of the President, campaign buttons, funeral memoriam card, JFK trading cards, books, magazines and other interesting items. All are original.
  6. Esterbrook Kennedy Johnson Bill Signing Pen

    Authentic Esterbrook White House bill signer pen. Engraved "THE PRESIDENT - THE WHITE HOUSE and housed in its original Esterbrook Desk Pen box. You sometimes see this pen advertised as being a John F. Kennedy pen, however the same pen was also used during the Lyndon Johnson term, after the assassination of JFK. We are not aware of any method available to tell which administration it was used in, This came from a large collection of historic White House pens that we recently acquired from a very knowledeable presidential pen collector. Since the taper of the pen is clear and the type in white it is difficult to photograph. Comes with the original Esterbrook Desk Pen Company box. The pen and box are seldom seen together. Comes with our 100% guarantee of authenticity, although we will clearnly state that it is from either administration. If it is from Kennedy's administration, then you will indeed get a real bargain since we are pricing it conservatively as an LBJ era pen.
  7. 1960 John F Kennedy Christmas card

    Christmas Card from Senator John F Kennedy and Jacqueline Kennedy.The card was sent in 1960 just before JFK assumed the role of President of the United States. Scarce vintage 1960 Christmas card sent out by then Senator John F. Kennedy. The front of the card is trimmed with a gold border and an very attractive raised and embossed gold great seal of the United Stats,. Inside the card is a printed message stating "May the Blessing of Christmas be upon you and yours Senator and Mrs. John F. Kennedy" Below the message is facsimile handwritten "Best Wishes Jack". A completely different looking card from Kennedy's previous cards.. .much more "stately" and presidential!
  8. Kennedy Inaugural Invitation Gift

    Beautifully matted and framed original congressional invitation set from the 1961 inauguration of John F. Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson as President and Vice President of the United States. The set includes the invitation to the event, inauguration ceremones program and portrait photos of John F. Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson that were included in the packet to VIP's and invited guests. Each individual item was carefully matted with a gold trim border and then mounted in a glass frame with gold antique style frame. Ready for display on your den, office or library wall. Be careful, there are people who are advertising reprints of this item that are cheaply framed. This is the original and autentic inaugural set that has been professionally matted and framed that will bring you many years of enjoyment and display. International shipping is available but please inquire first for rates and types of delivery available in your area since this is a beautiful glass item.
  9. Rare Happy Birthday Mr President - Madison Square Garden Handbill Flyer

    The most famous performance of the classic "Happy Birthday" song was arguably delivered by America's sex symbol fo the times- Marilyn Monroe - to one of the most popular U.S. presidents in the world's most famous arena. This is one of only a handfull of these invitation flyers for the event that we have ever seen in the last 43 years. The flyer advertises "New York's Birthday Salute to President Kennedy." This is the world-famous event in which Marilyn Monroe squeezed into ther fabulous dress and sang "Happy birthday, Mr. President." She is advertised on the bill among many other A-list celebrities such as Jack Benny, Danny Kaye, Maria Callas, Peggy Lee, Bobby Darin, Henry Fonda, Ella Fitzgerald and Jimmy Durante. Her performance lives on as one of the most memorabile events in history. These flyers are even more scarce than the programs and tickets to the event. Another of these flyers sold for $6,255.59 at auction, which we feel was considerably higher than it's true value although we certainly can appreciate the rarity of the item. Also the tape marks on the edges (see the condition description below) certainly is another reason why we are pricing this iconic item for less. Comes with our 100% guarantee of authenticity
  10. John F Kennedy Harvard Class album

    This is the original and authentic 1940 Harvard Senior Class Album that featured the future President John F. Kennedy. It is a beautiful large album that measures 11" x 14". It includes the senior class photo of a young John Fitzgerald Kennedy as well as photos of him as a class officer, staff member on the Harvard Crimson newspaper and the Yacht Club. Little did anyone know at the time that this handsome and popular student would become President of the United States. This is also the year he wrote "Why England Slept" as his senior thesis that was later published and became a best seller for the future President. Needless to say, this was a limited printing at the time for students and faculty. These books hard to find, especially in good condition. T
  11. Texas Welcome Dinner Invitation

    This is an original invitation to perhaps the most famous event that never took place. The Texas Welcome Dinner schedule for November 22nd 1963 in Austin Texas. President John F. Kennedy was headed next to Austin for this event sponsored by The State Democratic Executive Committee. The young President was assassinated that day and the event never took place. This is an original and official invitation to the event that includes the original envelope mailed November 6th from Austin Texas to a business owner in Texas and forwarded to their new address in Wichita Falls on November 11th. It is not known whether the invitation actually arrived after the assassination but the owner kept this invitation for the last 45 years. This is a unique opportunity to acquire a truly unique piece of history that is bound to increase in value in the years to come.
  12. 1946 John F Kennedy Framed Magazine

    Amazing prophetic magazine from PIC, "The Magazine for Young Men" published in 1946 years before John F Kennedy became President of the United States and just at the beginning of his career as Senator from Massachusetts. The magazines editors recognized Kennedy in its special "youth in politics" edition featuring him on the cover as "The New Generation Offers A Leader". This early glimpse of the future President is indeed rare. While the magazine is torn on the cover, it appears undamaged to the naked eye when framed. The magazine is complete in its entirety. Attractive framing by FramedPresidents.com. Expertly matted and framed with archival quality matting and glass. Adorned with a commemorative plaque. Great conversation piece that truly "makes a room" with its historic significance.
  13. John F Kennedy Yearbook Portrait Princeton University

    Rare 1939 edition of the Princeton Yearbook which documents John F. Kennedy's brief stay at Princeton before leaving for reported health reasons and then enrolling at Harvard. Kennedy does not even appear in the main bio pages of the yearbook, but instead appears in the section marked "Complete information was not received from the following men: This only the second of these yearbooks we have ever had in our collection or inventory.. Features a great photo of the young Kennedy. On the page opposite JFK's photo is a notation in pen by the owner of the book noting that H.A. Kelly had "Died in action World War II (N. Africa). Very fine condition

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13 Item(s)