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One of the largest collections of John F Kennedy presidential campaign buttons, pins, souvenirs and other unique president Kennedy collectibles and memorabilia

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  1. 1961 John F Kennedy "I Was At The Inauguration" Button & Ribbon

    "I Was At The Inauguration of President Kennedy". Original ribbon and button from John f. Kennedy's 1961 inauguration in Washington, D.C.
  2. I Like Ike Hell I Even Miss Harry

    Original Anti John F Kennedy pin / button from the 1960 presidential campaign of Richard Nixon vs John F Kennedy. "I Miss Ike .... Hell, I even Miss Harry" (Truman), also worn as a badge.
  3. Political 20180830 15084692

    Original mini-license plate produced as a campaign promotion for John F. Kennedy's 1964 re-election that never took place as Kennedy was assassinated in November 1963. A small amount of these souvenir plates were produced and never finished. Interesting Kennedy memorabilia item. This the black on black variety that is very difficult to photograph.
  4. Kennedy Official Certificate Book

    "Elections Are Won In The Precinct - Campaigns Are Won Between Elections". Official Certificate Book with twenty individual contributions forms. Numbered on the cover. "Dollars for Democrats Drive". Issued during JFK's presidential term "Campaign are won between elecitions". WIth photo of Kennedy and Johnson on the cover. We have seen many of these individual donation certificate forms over the years, but rarely the complete book with all the certificates still firmly attached. Original.
  5. 1961 Kennedy Johson Inaugural Ball Pendant - Silver

    Kennedy Johnson jugate inaugural ball pendant. Given to male guests at the Inauguration to be used on keychains. This is the oxidized silver version on base metal. Very good clean condition. Reverse has inscription Kennedy Johnson Inaugural Ball 1961. Nice gift item.
  6. Jfk Bolo Tie John F Kennedy

    Authentic western style bolo tie campaign item from the 1960 presidential campaign of John F Kennedy. "Let's Back Jack". Often seen as a button, this item features a caricature of John F Kennedy and the words Let's Back Jack". The reverse has a clasp and an approximaitely 15" cord/tie. Not often seen in this excellent condition. With brown lanyard.
  7. I Adore Kennedy Button

    Original button from the 1960 presidential campaign of John F. Kennedy. IAK - I Adore Kennedy. Hard to find.
  8. Kennedy and Healey Button

    Kennedy and Healey original coattails campaign button. John A. Healey, was a N.J.1st Congressional. District candidate. Difficult button to find, especially in this condition.
  9. John F Kennedy Key Pin

    Gift pin given by staff of candidate John F Kennedy to campaign workers and others during the 1960 presidential election campaign. Often referred to as the "key" design based on its shape. Original.
  10. Political 20180830 15074630

    Original mini-license plate produced as a campaign promotion for John F. Kennedy's 1964 re-election that never took place as Kennedy was assassinated in November 1963. A small amount of these souvenir plates were produced. Interesting Kennedy memorabilia item. This is a milk chocolate color variety of this plate that is seldom seen.
  11.  John F. Kennedy Bracelet, Keychain & Watch FOB Collection

    Nice group of three different President John F Kenney collectibles including; 1) A heavy silver colored bracelet with a miniature version of the 1964 John F Kennedy half dollar and 2) a watch FOB with leather strap with a portrait of the late President and 3) a keychain issued after the assassination of Robert Kennedy, featuring a portrait of both John and Robert Kenedy and their dates of birth and death. On the reverse it says "They gave of their ease, their wealth, their blood, for others good."
  12. Young Democratic Clubs Of America Kennedy Button

    From the 1961 convention of the Young Democratic Clubs of The 1.75" button with smiling photo of JFK in blue reads "12th Biennial Convention/Young Democratic Clubs Of America." Original.
  13. John F Kennedy Tie Tackss

    Gorgeous 2-Toned Gold on Silver John F Kennedy Half Dollar Coin Tie-Tack. Each one of these real coinsd is first layered in pure Bright Silver. Then the figures of each are highlighted and brought to life with rich pure 24K Gold (this gold work is done by hand). This breathtaking and exclusive work turns these coin into stunning and true works of art. Each coin is hermetically sealed against wear in clear, hard acrylic coating. Mounted on a black fabric background in a nice plastic jewelry box.
  14. Jfk Lbj 44th Inauguration 6 Inch Button

    Original, not often seen John F. Kennedy inauguration day button, January 20, 1961 with photo of JFK and LBJ, the inauguratal seal with 44th Inauguration above and 1961 and the campaign slogan "The New Frontier" at the bottom. So big it has both a typical pinback and a cardboard pullout easel. There are two different versions of this button, this is Version 2.
  15. Kennedy Half Dollar Bolo Tie

    Gorgeous 2-Toned “Gold on Silver” U.S. Coin Bolo Ties. Each coin comes on a nice (soft) bolo cord in a gift box. Actual Kennedy half dollar genuine U.S. Coin. Gold and silver eagle. Great fit item.
  16. Kennedy Money Clip

    Gorgeous 2-toned coin gold and silver Kennedy half dollar folding money clips. Each coin comes mounted on a genuine leather “Cowhide” Magnetic money clip with card case. Handcrafted. Presidential Seal. These will hold just one bill or a number of bills These folding money clips have card slots that will hold up to 3 credit cards with clear back side window for ID. Total size is 2-¾ X 3-3/8th inch. All come individually boxed. Comes in black gift box.
  17. President Kennedy belt buckle

    Very attractive presidential seal belt buckle featuring a Kennedy half dollar in the center. The coins are hand cut to create a floating design in brilliant gold and silver. U.S. made and are 2-3/8” X 3-3/8” They will fit all belts upto 1-½” The outer edge of each buckle is silver color and the center is gold color Shipped in gift box. Great gift item.
  18. John F Kennedy Campaign Jewelry Collection

    Set of thirteen (13) different campaign jewelry pins featuring the Democratic Party log donkey. Some include the identifier "DEM". Includes a set of boxing pins with a Democratic donkey boxing against a Republican elephant. Nice grouping of original campaign jewelry pins.

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