The Kennedy Family

Collectibles and memorabilia from the lives of Robert and Ted Kennedy as well as Jacqueline Kennedy and the rest of the Kennedy family, including artifacts from what is often referred to as Camelot

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  1. 1972 EMK Edward Kennedy for President Campaign Button

    EMK Edward M. Kennedy campaign button from his '72 campaign button. From Edward Kennedy's unsuccessful run for the democratic nomination for President. Original, of course.
  2. Teddy in '72 Button

    Teddy in '72 campaign button. From Edward Kennedy's unsuccessful run for the democratic nomination for President. Original, of course.
  3. Robert Kennedy campaign button

    Original button from the 1968 Democratic campaign of Robert Kennedy for President. Classic red, white and blue colors
  4. Robert For Kennedy for Senator

    Original two sided campaign flyer from the election campaign of Robert Kennedy for Senator of New York. The front side is a portrait of the soon to be assassinated presidential candidate along with a facsimile signature of Robert Kennedy. The reverse includes quotes and information on RFK with the headline "New York Deserves the Best - Robert F. Kennedy
  5. Bobby Kennedy for United States Senator collectible

    Bold red, white and blue bumper sticker from the campaign of Robert Kennedy for United States Senator. Produced by the Robert F. Kennedy Committee for U.S. Senator. Original
  6. Robert Kennedy campaign souvenir

    Original four page campaign brochure from the presidential election campaign of Robert Kennedy. The inside pages have a story entitled "I run for the Presidency because I want the United States to stand for the reconciliation of men..."". Slightly different verison than others with blue type on front.
  7. Robert Kennedy New York Primary Collectible

    To vote for Kennedy delegates pull these levers down and leave down. 2 sided card produced by Westchester for Kennedy Committee, White Plains. The primary was held on June 18th but Kennedy assassinated on June the 5th. Original.
  8. 1968 Ted Sorensen Presidential Politics Hunter College

    On April 21, 1968 Ted Sorensen, speechwriter for President John F. Kennedy, as well as one of his closest advisers, spoke at Hunter College on "Presidential Politics". The event was sponsored by Hunter College Young Democrats. As Sorenson was also s a major adviser of Robert F. Kennedy in Kennedy's 1968 presidential campaign his speech which was held during RFK's Presidential campaign. A simple mimeographed flyer inviting students to hear Sorensen on campaus
  9. Ted Kennedy Bobblehead

    This very high quality, hand-painted polyresin bobblehead shows Ted Kennedy, the late senator from Massachusetts and presidential candidate. " This product is shipped in a colorful collectors box, securely packaged in molded styrofoam protection.
  10. John F Kennedy gift book

    The Kennedy Legacy - A Generation Laber, gift book. 196 Pages. Includes stunning photos by John F Kennedy's personal photographer Jacques Lowe.Great gift item. Hardcover.
  11. 1968 Ted Kennedy Huge Campaign Poster

    1968 Ted Kennedy campaign poster. Huge 3 1/2 foot poster Real statement maker for any room or office. Features large bold photo of Ted Kennedy. Produced Personality posters Mfg. Co, New York. Original. Apparently one of a series of posters produced in 1968.
  12. Jackie Kennedy Democratic Nomination Photo

    Original Associated Press (AP) Wire Photo titled "Waves To Well Wishers". Mrs. John F. Kennedy waves to neighbors who gathered at the home of her father-in-law, Joseph P. Kennedy, Sr., after a press conference at Hyannis Port, Mass., today. Her husband Sen. Kennedy became the Democratic nominee for President on the first ballot at Los Angeles last night, (AP Wirephoto) (Woo61245nb) 1960. Original, with Associated Presss WIrephoto notice stamped on back and a notation from an editor "Mrs. John Kennedy" and the rubber stamp Jul 15 1960.
  13. Bobby Kennedy Poster

    This is an original campaign poster from the 1968 campaign of Bobby Kennedy for the Democratic nomination for President. Interesting, creative and 60's style psychedelic appearance. Looks great framed! One of the most interesting Robert Kennedy posters we've seen.

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