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  1. Jfk Lbj 44th Inauguration 6 Inch Button

    Original, not often seen John F. Kennedy inauguration day button, January 20, 1961 with photo of JFK and LBJ, the inauguratal seal with 44th Inauguration above and 1961 and the campaign slogan "The New Frontier" at the bottom. So big it has both a typical pinback and a cardboard pullout easel. There are two different versions of this button, this is Version 2.
  2. Young Democratic Clubs Of America Kennedy Button

    From the 1961 convention of the Young Democratic Clubs of The 1.75" button with smiling photo of JFK in blue reads "12th Biennial Convention/Young Democratic Clubs Of America." Original.
  3. John F Kennedy Key Pin

    Gift pin given by staff of candidate John F Kennedy to campaign workers and others during the 1960 presidential election campaign. Often referred to as the "key" design based on its shape. Original.
  4. I Adore Kennedy Button

    Original button from the 1960 presidential campaign of John F. Kennedy. IAK - I Adore Kennedy. Hard to find.
  5. Kennedy and Healey Button

    Kennedy and Healey original coattails campaign button. John A. Healey, was a N.J.1st Congressional. District candidate. Difficult button to find, especially in this condition.
  6. Jfk Bolo Tie John F Kennedy

    Authentic western style bolo tie campaign item from the 1960 presidential campaign of John F Kennedy. "Let's Back Jack". Often seen as a button, this item features a caricature of John F Kennedy and the words Let's Back Jack". The reverse has a clasp and an approximaitely 15" cord/tie. Not often seen in this excellent condition. With brown lanyard.
  7. I Like Ike Hell I Even Miss Harry

    Original Anti John F Kennedy pin / button from the 1960 presidential campaign of Richard Nixon vs John F Kennedy. "I Miss Ike .... Hell, I even Miss Harry" (Truman), also worn as a badge.
  8. 1960's John F Kennedy Set of 3 Stickpins

    Set of three different color 1960's stickpins featuring John F Kennedy. We understand that these were distributed during Kennedy's historic visit to Berlin, which would make sense since received these from a collector in Europe. Original.
  9. 1961 John F Kennedy "I Was At The Inauguration" Button & Ribbon

    "I Was At The Inauguration of President Kennedy". Original ribbon and button from John f. Kennedy's 1961 inauguration in Washington, D.C.
  10. John F Kennedy vari-vue button

    Attractive button from the presidency of John F. Kennedy. Original
  11. 1960 Oregon for Kennedy Campaign Button

    Scarce Oregon for Kennedy campaign button. Blue type on white background. (There is also a different version which we sold recently that is white on a blue background) Original.
  12. 1960 Democratic National Convention collectible

    Original "Official Souvenir Los Angeles, California Democratic National Convention 1960 button.
  13. Ted Kennedy Flasher Pin 1

    Original button promoting Ted Kennedy for President. This is a flasher button produced by the Vari-Vue company, that changes images when tilted. One image is portrait of a young Ted Kennedy and the second says Kennedy for President Leadership for the 80's
  14. John F Kennedy 1960 Classic Campaign Button

    Original John F Kennedy For President pinback campaign button. Features smiling photo of President Kennedy in center the the words "For President John F Kennedy". Great classic button.
  15. John F Kennedy vari-vue button

    Attractive button from the presidency of John F. Kennedy. Original
  16. Kennedy Memorial Button

    Robert Kennedy memorial button. Original. Black mourning ribbon in center with the name "Kennedy" in the center.
  17. All the way with JFK

    All The Way With J.F.K Kennedy For President red,white and blue campaign button
  18. Kennedy and Johnson Button

    Kennedy and Johnson classic campaign button in red, white and blue colors. Original
  19. John F Kennedy Spanish Campaign Button

    1960 Presidential button features John F. Kennedy and is entitled “Triumfa Con Kennedy”, which translated from Spanish to English means “Triumph With Kennedy". This original button was distributed during Kennedy's campaign to attract the Hispanic / Latino vote.
  20. Kennedy cope button

    Original pinback button from the 1960 campaign of President John F. Kennedy. Cope was short for Committee on Political Education and organization affiliated with the AFL-CIO union.

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