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  1. Political 20180315 14112899

    Original Associated Press (AP) Wirephoto.June 30, 1961, Washington, D.C> . President John Kennedy signs the Social Security Bill in the Oval Office which increased benefits for about 4,420,000 Americans. Standing with Kennedy are Rep. Thomas O'Biren (Illinois), Vice President lyndon Johnson, Rep. John Byrnes (Wisconsin) Secretary of Welfare Abraham Ribicoff and Assistant Secretary of Welfare WIlbur CohenComes from the archive of a Pennsylvania daily newspaper. Includes the Associated Press stamp on the reverse
  2. Political 20180830 15074630

    Original mini-license plate produced as a campaign promotion for John F. Kennedy's 1964 re-election that never took place as Kennedy was assassinated in November 1963. A small amount of these souvenir plates were produced. Interesting Kennedy memorabilia item. This is a milk chocolate color variety of this plate that is seldom seen.
  3. John F Kennedy Visits Italy

    Original Associated Press (AP) Wirephoto. December 8, 1960 taken at Georgetown University Hospital during a baptismal ceremony in the hospital chapel for their son, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Jr who was born November 25th. On the reverse is the official Associated Press Wirephoto stamp and an actual clipping from the daily newspaper where the photo was published. Comes from the archive of the Pittsburgh daily newspaper.
  4. Young Democratic Clubs Of America Kennedy Button

    From the 1961 convention of the Young Democratic Clubs of The 1.75" button with smiling photo of JFK in blue reads "12th Biennial Convention/Young Democratic Clubs Of America." Original.
  5. Kennedy with Naval Officer that sank PT109

    Original Associated Press (AP) Wirephoto.October 30, 1961. Senator John Kennedy poses for photo with a former Japanese naval officer woh was aboard the Japanese destroyer in 1943 when it sliced in two the Navy PT boat of which Kennedy was skipper. Comes from the archive of a Pennsylvania daily newspaper.
  6. John F Kennedy Tie Tackss

    Gorgeous 2-Toned Gold on Silver John F Kennedy Half Dollar Coin Tie-Tack. Each one of these real coinsd is first layered in pure Bright Silver. Then the figures of each are highlighted and brought to life with rich pure 24K Gold (this gold work is done by hand). This breathtaking and exclusive work turns these coin into stunning and true works of art. Each coin is hermetically sealed against wear in clear, hard acrylic coating. Mounted on a black fabric background in a nice plastic jewelry box.
  7. Jfk Lbj 44th Inauguration 6 Inch Button

    Original, not often seen John F. Kennedy inauguration day button, January 20, 1961 with photo of JFK and LBJ, the inauguratal seal with 44th Inauguration above and 1961 and the campaign slogan "The New Frontier" at the bottom. So big it has both a typical pinback and a cardboard pullout easel. There are two different versions of this button, this is Version 2.
  8. High Hopes Kennedy Souvenir

    Frank Sinatra and Jack Kennedy promotional record from the 1960 presidential campaign. A very limited number of these campaign records were produced for juke box distribution on the East Coast around Washington DC and Virginia. Actually sung by Frank Sinatra and a very elusive record prized by both Sinatra and Kennedy collectors. . Side one"High Hopes with Jack Kennedy. Side Two "Jack Kennedy "All The Way". This single was a promotional item for JFK's 1960 presidential campaign, with an anonymous contribution from his good buddy, Frank. The song, "High Hopes," is the same song made famous a year earlier in Frank's film A Hole in the Head. This version features a fast charging big band and mixed chorus, and new campaign lyrics:
  9. John F Kennedy and Maria Carmela Attolico

    Original Associated Press (AP) Wirephoto.January 6, 1953 taken at the Dutchess of Windsor's annuall at the Walforf Astoria hotel in New York. The photo is particularly interesting to collectors, since Kennedy's date was not Jacquline Kennedy, but rather Maria Carmela Attolico who was the daughter of the former Italian ambassador to Germany. This was after Kennedy had met his furture wife Jacqueline, but before they were engaged. The photo was taken shortly after JFK won his election for a Senator from Massachusetts. This photo comes from the archive of a daily newspaper and includes the official Associated Press Wirephoto stamp on the reverse.
  10. John F Kennedy Cow Palace Speech ticket

    In the mad rush leading up to the 1960 presidential election between Democrat John F Kennedy and Republican Richard Nixon, JFK made a key campaign stop at the famous Cow Palace in San Francisco, California. The event was held a week before election day and included a major address regarding he introduced his concept of the Peace Corp. This is an original ticket to the event.
  11. Kennedy Half Dollar Bolo Tie

    Gorgeous 2-Toned “Gold on Silver” U.S. Coin Bolo Ties. Each coin comes on a nice (soft) bolo cord in a gift box. Actual Kennedy half dollar genuine U.S. Coin. Gold and silver eagle. Great fit item.
  12. John F. Kennedy vintage campaign ticket

    Original ticket to the November 6, 1957 Dinner and Rally honoring John F. Kennedy held in Topeka Kansas when Kennedy was still the U.S. Senator from Massachusetts and beginning his successful campaign for President. This is a numbered ticket (69A) and an interesting early example of Kennedy campaign memorabilia.
  13. Kennedy Money Clip

    Gorgeous 2-toned coin gold and silver Kennedy half dollar folding money clips. Each coin comes mounted on a genuine leather “Cowhide” Magnetic money clip with card case. Handcrafted. Presidential Seal. These will hold just one bill or a number of bills These folding money clips have card slots that will hold up to 3 credit cards with clear back side window for ID. Total size is 2-¾ X 3-3/8th inch. All come individually boxed. Comes in black gift box.
  14. John F Kennedy Red Cross Scarce Poster

    Original Red Cross poster. Black and white photo of group of teens meeting with President John F. Kennedy. Bold and attractive and would look great framed. "Teen Red Cross Leaders of 42 nations visit President Kennedy" in red lettering is superimposed on the bottom of the photo with Red Cross logo. Not often seen. JFK met with International youth delegates at the White House as part of the American Red Cross program, Operation VISTA (Visit of International Students to America). The program brought 112 youth delegates from 42 countries to the United States in order to acquaint the youth of other countries with the humanitarian ideals and values of Red Cross service, and to establish new avenues of communication for humanitarian purposes among youth.
  15. Kennedy for U.S. Senator

    Vintage Kennedy for U.S. Senator window sticker. From the senate run of John F Kennedy of Massachusetts. Original. Truly the most coveted early Kennedy bumper sticker from the campaign for U.S. senate. Before today we have only had one of these elusive items in stock. We were fortunate to have recently discovered another two. First come first served.
  16. John F Kennedy senator campaign

    Vintage John F Kennedy for Senator campaign brochure. "Massachusetts Needs A Man Like This For U.S. Senator. From Congressman Kennedy's campaign before he ran for President of the United States. Original, and informative discussing such things as Harvard graduate, Newspaper man, author, "Strikes first congressional blow against communism, win's italy's highest awards and decorated for bravery as PT Boat Commander etc. Original of course. Campaign items from John F Kennedy's pre-presidential days are becoming increasing difficult to find
  17. President Kennedy belt buckle

    Very attractive presidential seal belt buckle featuring a Kennedy half dollar in the center. The coins are hand cut to create a floating design in brilliant gold and silver. U.S. made and are 2-3/8” X 3-3/8” They will fit all belts upto 1-½” The outer edge of each buckle is silver color and the center is gold color Shipped in gift box. Great gift item.
  18. Bobby Kennedy Poster

    This is an original campaign poster from the 1968 campaign of Bobby Kennedy for the Democratic nomination for President. Interesting, creative and 60's style psychedelic appearance. Looks great framed! One of the most interesting Robert Kennedy posters we've seen.
  19. John F Kennedy Campaign Jewelry Collection

    Set of thirteen (13) different campaign jewelry pins featuring the Democratic Party log donkey. Some include the identifier "DEM". Includes a set of boxing pins with a Democratic donkey boxing against a Republican elephant. Nice grouping of original campaign jewelry pins.
  20. John F Kennedy Support Your Uso Peace Poster

    Scarce advertising card measuring 28" wide x 11" high that was produced as a "Public Service of Transit Advertising". Believed to be a sign that was produced by display on a bus system. Features large photo of President Kennedy and the headline "Winning the peace is a lonely battle". This was a campaign produced in 1961 by the Outdoor Advertising Association and the Advertising Council to "support the USO through your United Fund or Community Chest". The only other example of this campaign that we have seen were newspaper advertisement and photos of the poster sign used as a billboard. Would look great framed. Original.
  21. John F Kennedy For President Leader for the 60's Classic Campaign Poster

    Large campaign original poster from the 1960 presidential election campaign of John F. Kennedy for President of the United States. Bold red,white and blue poster with large photo of the young president in the center and the campaign slogan "Leadership for the 60's. Excellent for a Kennedy collection or for your library, office, den or gift. Would also look great framed.
  22. 1960 John F Kennedy Christmas card

    Christmas Card from Senator John F Kennedy and Jacqueline Kennedy.The card was sent in 1960 just before JFK assumed the role of President of the United States. Scarce vintage 1960 Christmas card sent out by then Senator John F. Kennedy. The front of the card is trimmed with a gold border and an very attractive raised and embossed gold great seal of the United Stats,. Inside the card is a printed message stating "May the Blessing of Christmas be upon you and yours Senator and Mrs. John F. Kennedy" Below the message is facsimile handwritten "Best Wishes Jack". A completely different looking card from Kennedy's previous cards.. .much more "stately" and presidential!
  23. Robert Kennedy Framed Campaign Poster

    Robert F. Kennedy 1968 Presidential Campaign Poster. "Kennedy" in red and blue above a black and white photograph, "Kennedy for President , Robert Kennedy campaign items are difficult to find since his campaign was cut short by his assassination. Original and official. Professionally framed using archival quality glass.
  24. Kennedy For President Newspaper Posters

    This is a large original and authentic newspaper insert that doubled as a campaign poster from the campaign of John F. Kennedy for President of the United States. Includes the campaign theme "Leadership for the 60's. Increasingly scarce, especially in this very good clean condition. Eight page original. Produced by the Democratic National Committee, Washington, DC. It has been professionally matted and framed using archival quality glass and matting. With bronze commemorative plaque, and ready to hang
  25. Harvard Freshmen Yearbook Kennedy

    Original and authentic 1940 Harvard Freshman Red Book issued during President John F Kennedy's freshman year at Harvard. This scarce yearbook includes several photos of John F. Kennedy including his class photo, Swim Team photo, and several more. Hardcover book in very good condition with only minor wear. Amazing to see early photos of the future President and his activities at Harvard and those of his classmates like folk singer, Pete Seeger. The front cover of the book is engraved as originally issued, in gold color with the name of the original owner, Stuart Stevens DeForest on of Kennedy's classmates. Comes with our 100% guarantee of authenticity. A great gift idea.
  26. John f kennedy framed poster gift

    Very nicely framed and matted large campaign original sign / poster from the 1960 presidential election campaign of John F. Kennedy for President of the United States. Bold red,white and blue poster with large photo of the young president in the center and the campaign slogan "Leadership for the 60's. Large 15.5 x 23" frame . Excellent for a Kennedy collection or for your library, office or den. Professionally framed with archival quality glass.
  27. John F Kennedy Princeton Herald Class Yearbook Burned

    Rare 1939 edition of the Princeton Freshman Herald which documents John F. Kennedy's brief stay at Princeton before leaving for reported health reasons and then enrolling at Harvard. Kennedy does not even appear in the main bio pages of the yearbook, but instead appears in the section marked "Complete information was not received from the following men: This is the only one of these Freshman class books that we have ever had in our collection or inventory. Features a great photo of the young Kennedy. We acquired this book from the son of a classmate of John F Kennedy at Princeton. His father many interesting notations in pen throughout the book about various classmates, when they left the school, their majors etc. Under Kennedy's photo he noted "Out in Fresh Yr." See full description of condition below.

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